Despite The Heart-Breaking Craziness In The World Today......     It Is Possible To Find Sense In The World, To Live In Deep Joy, Clarity And Connection.

Without Having To Ignore The Crisis On Earth, Deny How You Really Feel, Or Just Act Positive. 

December 2nd 2020
At 10:30PM Europe/Paris (+01:00)

Good Things Are Coming!....Introducing Your Presenter:

Maryjane Claydon

"I help women overwhelmed, disillusioned and despairing about the state of the world.

Women who ache to feel joy, to make a difference and to feel they belong in this world. 

After working with women from all over the world, I know how you long to live with grounded calm and in deep appreciation of Life.

Together, on this one of a kind training, I will lead you to "Nature's Path" to show you how you can rediscover the joy and security inherent in life.

It is a priviledge and an honour to invite you to this training and show you "Nature's Path" to ensure that you can participate fully in the Incredible Magic of Being Alive! and in doing so, you are part of creating a healthy world for future generations.

"Nature's True Path" Webinar Starts In...

With Honour And Joy I Invite You To This 45 Minute Online Training Where You Will Discover...

    • How "NATURE'S PATH" re-awakens your Ancient Natural Wisdom, bringing you easily to Joy, Grounded Calm, and the Security of Belonging, Despite the crazy !*!* going on in the world...(yes! even if you live in a city!!)
    • Why living in fear and grief about the world crisis is harming you and those around you (and how to use it to make a positive difference)...
    • Do you feel overwhelmed, helpless and disillusioned, in despair about the state of the world?  In this webinar, you will discover overlooked wisdom which helps makes sense of life and to find your magical place within it.
    • Why finding out more about what is going on in the world is not the best thing you can do and why hanging out with like-minded people can deepen the feeling of not belonging.
    • When the problems of the world seem impossible to solve...Nature is the one we can trust, the Wisdom we can learn from... EVEN WHEN you feel so emotionally overwhelmed with grief and despair about the state of the world, that you can barely function and EVEN IF you feel you just don't belong in all this crazyness we have created.