How professional women age between 35-55 with heartbreak, can smile and feel joy again, without having to hide behind the mask of a false smile, when there's a part of you that feels lost, your heart is broken and there's a huge hole in your life 

Finally Women Like Us Don’t Need To Worry About Hiding Behind A False Smile, Being On Anti-depressants Or Having To Travel To See A Counsellor

June 7th 2020
At 11:00AM Europe/London (+00:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Heather Prince 

" I love showing women who have come out of a relationship and who are feeling like they've been hit by a ton of bricks, how to feel  stronger and more confident.  

After working with hundreds of clients just like you, I know that you are seeking answers on what you can do to start feeling better, after feeling frustrated that life didn't work out as you planned, so you could either see this as a time of life falling apart or an opportunity to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  I understand that the pain of heartbreak is real. It's not something to be minimised or trivialised or glossed over. 

On this one of a kind training we will work together in solving this and giving you the Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method so you can feel back on track one step at a time, so you can shift from feeling confused, angry and sad to feeling stronger and more confident.  

I cannot wait to see you on the training and showing you this system to ensure you feel stronger and more confident so you can feel joy and truly smile again. 

Your Training Starts In...

In This 58 Minute 'No Cost' Online Training You Will Discover...

    • The simple, yet effective "FEARLESSLY MOVING FORWARDS METHOD" that allows you to feel  stronger and more confident  in your life in 90 Days  WITHOUT having to hide behind the mask of a false smile  ....
    • Why not 'listening' to your body is the worst thing you can do (And the much easier methods that still allows you to feel happy again)...
    • Do you feel hopeless? Forget about waiting to feel better, instead you're about to see overlooked secrets which DO make it easy to get from feeling lost to feeling stronger and more confident 
    • Why ignoring and suppressing your feelings, feels like a huge weight on your chest every single day...
    • The breakthrough strategy that is great if you've tried everything before, such as counselling and anti-depressants just hoping to feel better.  And that's only just the beginning...