“How Health Professionals like YOU can get more customers, make a predictable income every month and get a clear business strategy without having to work late, start early and just keep trying to figure it all out for yourself using the Flywheel method."

Business owners in the health industry like YOU are struggling to do it all. You know you are great at what you do, but you struggle to know what to do when it comes to running your own business.  And yet, you think you SHOULD be able to figure it out! The Flywheel Method means you don't have to keep going round in circles, not really sure how to get more customers, or create a business that fits your life and delivers  on your goals and vision! 

August 12th 2022
At 1:45PM Europe/London (+00:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Katie Bell 

As a Physiotherapist and clinic owner,  my passion is to help health professionals who are great at what they do, get themselves out there and make a difference to peoples health and lives. I  want to find healht professionals who need help in their business, those that want to guarantee a regular income and those who know something has got to change.

You ALREADY know that you should be doing something different, but don't know what. Like YOU I have been there. You will be feeling frustrated, verging on burnout and exhaustion. You will be feeling overwhelmed about what to do next, and feel like you're failing at being a business owner. But what i do know is that you will LOVE what you do, and that is to help PEOPLE!

I am a big believer in paying things forward and after spending 8 years and a LOT of money figuring this stuff out for myself, I want to offer you this chance to not make the same mistakes I did. I will show you the simple system that has allowed me to move from the struggle, to managing a multiple six figure business. 

And here is your chance:

Guiding you on this webinar, I will explain why you are struggling with marketing and not making the income you thought you would running your own business. 

The Flywheel method provides you with the tools to become fully booked, create a regular sustainable income and restore  that feeling of success and self worth.

Your Training Starts In...

In This 45 Minute 'No Cost' Online Training You Will...

    • The simple, yet effective, Flywheel Method. Developed by Katie Bell, a Physiotherapist with multi 6 figure income that shows you exactly how to stop feeling overwhelmed, stop wasting time on things that don't work, and shows you how to get more customers, make more money, develop a simple business strategy  and go back to loving what you do in 90 days.
    • You will discover why dropping your prices or charging what everyone else around you does will NOT bring you a consistent income in and actually attracts the wrong type of customer into your business. Instead, you will learn the best way to ensure you can predict your income and deliver amazing customer results and stop worrying what the diary looks like next week. 
    • You will learn that those who are just working more and more hours and doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something to change or click, will be out of business within the next 6-12 months through complete burnout and exhaustion. Forget about having huge marketing budgets, dropping prices, working more hours and instead you're about to discover the key ingredients to running a business that most business owners don't know. 
    • Understand why just putting up another post about your day, or your clinic, or your opening hours is a waste of your valuable time. You SHOULD be spending this time using effective methods to get more customers or actually enjoying doing what you love. 
    • This Breakthrough Strategy is perfect, even if you feel like you are just another health professional in a saturated market, or if Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence is holding you back. Even if you hate social media and don't want to post on it every day and even if you think you will never be good at running a business.