No-Cost Video Shows How I Empowerd Myself, to Conquer the Fear of Infections, Boost Immunity to Protect Myself, and Managed Very Infectious Patients in Hospitals.

Learn how I coped, and shared my knowledge, and experience to help healthcare workers conquer the fear of infections. Chronic Stress  increases release of "Cortisol", that supress imunity making our body vulnorable to infections, alters metabolism, and make us more likely to develop diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and gain weight.

May 18th 2022
At 11:15AM Europe/London (+00:00)

Conquer Fear & Set Yourself Free


Doctor, Author, and Creator of Dr. Maya

His mission is to reduce Social Inequalities in Health, wasted visits to doctors, costs, and cross infections to protect your family, friends, community, and "YOUR LIFE."

Since 1989, he has warned doctors and offered a solution to help avert the "21st Century Crisis." His article "Superbug Pandemics and How to Prevent Them" was published in 2017.

He compiled a list of common symptoms and color-coded them to create "DR MAYA." to help identify clusters of infected individuals to reduce cross infections and antibiotic abuse.

If you are a successful business or professional woman, determined to learn all about infections, reduce the risk of getting infected, transform and rejuvenate the body, and protect your family, friends, and community.


Your Training Starts In...

In This 40 Minute Online Training will Help You Learn to

    • I used the "Ingredients" to create a "SECRET RECIPE" that protected me from getting infected when treating critically ill, infected patients for more than forty years. I have shared my knowledge and experience with doctors, nurses, and parents of seriously infected children, to help them cope with the fear.
    • Be Empowered, make Informed Decisions, learn to Differentiate Common from Serious Illnesses or Infections, as I did, and reduce wasted consultation with doctors, antibiotic abuse, cross infections, cost, and rush to the hospital only when we must.
    • Stop worrying about the delay in consulting a doctor, cost, traveling to get tests when the immune response is suppressed, and bringing home germs that we don't need.
    • The "Knowledge and Experience" that I shared may help "Change the Mindset" reduce chronic stress,  and help protect familes, friends and the community.
    • Conquer fear of infections, illness, transform, and rejuvenate body, to boost Immunity, and prevent getting infected. "The Miracle Drug that Cured Infections Works No More." All the advances in Modern Medicine will soon come to an Abrupt Halt. Minor cuts, bruises, and even a thorn prick can result in septicemia, hospitalization, and devastating complications. Be empowerd, make informed decision to protect your family, friends and your own life.